European Vocational Skills Week 2016

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Vocational education and training (VET)

What is EU doing for vocational education and training?

Based on the Copenhagen Processlink outside the EC domain

 the European Commission acts in partnership with national governments, employers' and workers' groups and countries outside the EU to:
  • improve the quality of training (initial education, continuing development)
  • improve the quality of teachers, trainers and other professionals in the sector
  • make courses more relevant to the labour market.

How is this being done?

These objectives are achieved through:

The Commission's work on vocational education and training is supported by two agencies:

look more about European Vocational Skills Week 2016!

look more about European Vocational Skills Week 2016!

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What is WorldSkills?

24 – Cabinetmaking

12 – Wall and Floor Tiling

Skill 04 - Mechatronics

Skill 12 – Wall and Floor Tiling

Skill 07 - CNC Milling

19 – Industrial Control

Skill 46 - Sheet Metal Technology

look more about European Vocational Skills Week 2016!