ETF QP about 19.02.2015 Ukranian workshop

опубліковано 18 лют. 2015 р., 00:50 Viktor Mylashenko   [ оновлено 1 бер. 2015 р., 00:20 ]

European Training Foundation together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the British Council, the Twinning Project in vocational education and the Institute for Professional Qualifications of the Federation of Employers in the Ukraine is co-organizing a workshop on qualification types for the NQF in Ukraine. Around 55 participants representing both vocational and higher education and the world of work will participate.

The National Qualifications Framework was introduced in Ukraine by the Decree of the Cabinet of Minister in November 2011. Nevertheless there are still many open questions. The Ukrainian NQF sets the levels to which the qualifications can be allocated, but so far only some qualification types, that should be part of the register of national qualifications, have been identified through the Law on Higher Education, that was adopted last year.

The aim of this workshop is to explore which qualifications should be part of the NQF, and discuss the principles for defining different types of qualifications and how individual qualifications should be developed.
As we are preparing this event, we would like to have your opinion about the identification of the qualifications that should be a part of a national qualifications framework:
  • How would you define what is a qualification?
  • What are the main principles for developing qualifications in your country?
  • How are occupational standards developed?
  • What is the link between the occupational standard and vocational qualifications?
  • Do you have different types of vocational qualifications?
  • Can you identify elements and criteria for describing different qualification types?
We are looking forward to get your view here on the QP.
The report on the outcomes of the workshop will be published on the Qualifications Platform by end-February